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Find a special interest camp that’s right for your child. This year offers plenty of exciting themes to choose from!

3, 2, 1… Blast Off

This program focuses on rockets and the physics of rocket flight! After learning the model rockets safety code, campers build 10 different types of rockets and help launch six different rockets.

All About Animals

Campers will learn all about different habitats and animals through crafts and themed activities that will help them uncover the mysteries of the animal world.

Counselor in Training (CIT)

The Counselor in Training program is for children that want to have a meaningful summer developing their leadership skills, self-confidence, and make new friendships. CITs will use their skills to help support Y staff and interact with children in various day camps while continuing their training throughout the summer.

Crazy Chemistry

Campers will have a blast as they make some crazy concoctions. They’ll take home projects that include a reaction tube, slippery slime, Professor Beakerdude, and more!

Creative Chef

Try our enhanced cooking camp for your little chefs! Each camper will learn the basics of cooking, meal planning, and how to create recipes.

Creepy Crawly

Where do owls live and what do they eat? How do some bugs walk on water? How do ants collect their food? Join us as we channel nature and explore owls, birds, and all kinds of bugs. We’ll make bug habitats, create bird feeders, and even dissect owl pellets. Campers can even eat a bug lollipop at the end of the week!

Exploration and Discovery

Each day will bring a new, exciting day of exploration through Central Florida. From amusement parks and museums to community service and animal safaris—we have it all!

Hip-Hop Camp

Your child will get an introduction to the basic moves of hip hop, and learn basic choreography in a fun and lively environment. Campers will play also play games, and learn a choreographed dance routine.

Jedi Training Camp

Your child can learn how to be a real Jedi! They’ll practice with lightsabers, role play in the Star Wars universe, and go on Jedi missions. Campers will play games, learn to track, identify wild edibles, solve mysteries, and build lightsabers of their own.

LEGOS Unlimited

Campers will learn how to craft, build, and construct different LEGO structures through exciting games and instruction.

Pixar Paradise

Woody and the gang are back! This Stutelage camp features everything we love about Toy Story. Campers will be making paper chain slinky dogs, discovering how wooden toys are made, and reading about Buzz and all of his friends.

Science of Art

Your camper can figure out what makes science and art can work together as they create art using science! They’ll explore optical illusions, learn how to spot a masterpiece from a fake, make bubble art, and more!

Superhero Camp

Young superheroes unite! Your child will learn about superheroes and supervillains, then invent their own character to save the day! Campers will also design costumes, swim, read, and do a variety of other superhero-related activities.

Underground Explorers

Your child can learn more about archeology and the techniques scientists use to excavate long lost cities. They’ll read find out about ancient civilizations, and the tools and artifacts they used in everyday life. Campers will also study bone fragments, pottery shards, amber deposits, and fossils to understand what they can tell us about history. Children will make projects to take home each day like a fossil reproduction, an amber time capsule, and coins from around the world.

Wizards and Muggles

Welcome to Hogwarts! Our campers will be sorted into their magical houses and throughout the week, they’ll work together with their houses to compete in Harry Potter-themed games, activities, and more.

Airport Explorers

Has your child ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes at the airport? Here, they can see how our luggage is handled, see police dogs in action, and learn how planes work.

Animal Lovers

Do you love animals as much as we do? This camp will give your child the opportunity to find out how to care for animals and play safely with them.

Arts & Gardening

Calling all creative thinkers! With the combined fun of painting and gardening, this camp will help your child bring out their artistic side.


This camp set the foundation for the next generation of makers! Campers learn about engineering and then team up to construct different engineering-themed projects using LEGO bricks.

Camp’s Got Talent

Your child could be the next rock star! Here, they’ll learn about various instruments and how to play them, singing, and so much more.

Junior Chefs

Calling all chefs to this cooking camp! Your child will learn the safest way to prepare and cook food while trying a variety of different recipes.

NASA Astronauts Camp

From Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this hands-on camp sends campers on a quest for exploration!

Outdoor Adventure

Take a hike on the wild side over the river and through the woods! Your child will learn about different plants and animals in the woods, and how to survive in the wilderness.

Picasso Camp

Join in a camp where it’s all about creativity and canvas paintings! Your child will bring home with their own Picasso creations.

Robotics & Coding

Using Dot and Dash robots and Ozobots, your child can become a master programmer and learn how to code a robot to do many different tasks.

Theater Camp

Your child can put their best foot forward and learn how a theater functions behind the scenes and on-scene!

Fine Arts Camp

Calling all creative thinkers! Your child can enjoy a camp centered around creativity. Activities include painting, ceramics, hand crafts, drawing, and so much more.

Counselor in Training (CIT) and Leaders in Training (LIT)

These camps are geared toward children and teens grades 6–12. Each program session will last two weeks. The first week will be a training centered week in which the CITs will develop leadership, team building, and planning skills. The second week will be integrated with camp, each CIT will be placed with a counselor to assist with programming and interacting with campers.

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