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Create a custom fitness plan you won’t quit

The 8 Colors of Fitness program was developed to help you understand the ways your mind and body respond to exercising. Other exercise programs may start with a fitness plan and don’t consider your unique requirements. With this program, you start by understanding your fitness personality. After you’ve learned more about your fitness personality, you can choose the specific workouts, interactions, and environments that are suited to your needs.

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After you take the quiz, click your color below for information about your fitness personality. By identifying your own fitness color and learning more about it, you’ll understand why you’re drawn to certain activities and environments, and why you avoid others. This knowledge will help you make better fitness choices for your personality and take the physical activity from boredom to enjoyment.

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The 8 Colors of Fitness

The history

“What keeps people in an exercise program year after year?” is the question author Suzanne Brue set out to answer.

She saw that the current approach used by fitness instructors and medical professionals has some benefits, but misses a simple truth: physical activity is an expression of personality. Brue, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) expert, conducted a study in which she interviewed hundreds of active people representing the MBTI types. After evaluating the research, she created a color-coded way to highlight the most effective preferences of each personality. This became The 8 Colors of Fitness. Read more about Suzanne and the connection between MBTI and The 8 Colors fitness personalities.

MBTI and the 8 colors