Plan a Picnic

This week we’re venturing out to (re)connect with people, places, and feelings. We’ve highlighted a few ways to do that already—including no-screen activities and visiting nature trails in your area—and now we invite you to plan a picnic! Central Florida is unique in that we don’t immediately have to rush indoors once the autumn months roll around. A fall picnic in the welcoming (and hopefully cool) October air is just what you need to connect with nature, your loved ones, and perhaps even nostalgic feelings within yourself. 

To get you started, we asked Chef Gary if he had any healthy, picnic-friendly recipes to try out when we go to pack our picnic baskets. He didn’t disappoint! Check out these recipes, with varying levels of required preparation, to plan for your next picnic. Write about your outing in a nature journal, and read our Enjoy a Park Day blog to find a park near you!

Bring an Ice Pack or Cooler

Entrées Best Served Warm

If you do plan a picnic and use one of these recipes, share a photo with us in the STRONG Challenge Facebook group. Haven’t joined yet? Don’t miss out on the support, inspiration, and tips from the Y and your neighbors. Remember, we’re #StrongerTogether.

Enjoy your picnic!